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Home Improvement

Pool light question

author: Oren posted 09-26-2016

Do in ground pool lights use conduit or just the wires buried deep below the surface? I have a side view drawing of the pool when constructed but it doesn't show electrical wires ,just a side view ... read more »

What is the function of the thermal cut out switch on a AEG cooker

author: Peter Goldstone posted 09-25-2016

My AEG cooker switches itself off after about 15 minutes, the light in the oven goes off and even if you increase the set temperature on the thermostat the heating light does not come on. After about... read more »

Problem with bathroom odors

author: gmc444 posted 05-05-2016

Hello, I am hoping some smart person can help me with ideas for identifying odor problems in my master bathroom. There are two subtle odors involved, one comes from near the two sinks, the other from... read more »

The night time toilet light

author: Adrian Caspersz posted 09-26-2016

Has been a popular query here, the provision of a constantly burning nightlight so nocturnal trips to the loo happen without incident. On that, Big Clive has found a chinese PIR solution. Noctu... read more »

Home Building

Bathtub problem, Please help

author: Dottie rouse posted 04-12-2016

Ok question bout bath tubs. I live in a mobile home & I want to replace my corner garden tub with a regural tub( really want one with jets). My tub size is 52 3/4 by 52/ 34 16 deep. Where can I find... read more »

Invitation: Urban Ventures Challenge 2016, Bangalore.

author: Alekhar posted 09-25-2016

Hello! I am writing to invite you to participate in Urban Ventures challenge 2016, being held in Banglore. Urban Ventures Challenge 2016, aims to identify and support the most promis ing start... read more »

Wood Storage

author: Puckdropper posted 09-26-2016

I've been looking at wood storage options. I have some wall space I'd like to use. There are some commercial racks available and some shelving options I've been looking at. I'm trying to figur... read more »

Generator shuts down after transfer.

author: CMR posted 11-14-2015

My 17 KW Generac generator shuts down after transfer to emergency power, with the generator in the auto mode I opened the main braker the generator did start and transfer, upon transfer the generator... read more »

Home Climate

Propane weight

author: Frank posted 09-24-2016

500gal propane heating tank -how much does the gas alone weigh? read more »

Other Home Topics

Silver Crest Window Vac

author: Marilyn Robinson posted 09-14-2016

Have lost the battery charger for above, can anyone help? read more »

Lawn and Garden

Vine for garage wall

author: Hypatia Nachshon posted 09-24-2016

Hi, folks -L00king for your recommendations for vine to climb up garage wall: Area:So. Calif coastal Exposure: West, unobstructed Would like: Fast-growing; lots of flowers (I can dream...) Water... read more »

Fall Yard Treatment

author: Snuffy "Hub Cap" McKinney posted 09-18-2016

Greeting fellow garden fans, What's the best type of grass seed and method to get some grass on this section of the yard? I've got a 300 sq ft section of yard that is partially under a pine tree ... read more »

Winter Squash

author: Pavel314 posted 09-25-2016

http://s558.photobucket.com/user/Pavel_Svinchnik/media/WinterSquash_zpscqjrnpea.jpg.html Although the pumpkin patch ended up buried in weeds, we've begun getting a good harvest of winter squash. The... read more »

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