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Home Improvement

The home improvement topics here range from tools and materials to codes and regulations and everything in between. Whether you are a novice or an experienced master, come join these discussions and you'll sure learn something new every time you come!
  • Home Repair

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  • Jaguar crusis

    by Micky
    Friend with a Jaguar gets a message on the dash, Cruise Control Not Available. Wife checks Jaguar forums. Finds suggestion to tape up a crack in the air intake pipe. No crack, but lid for... read more
  • Plumbing Forum

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  • clamp on aquastat

    by chet
    My daughter has an hot water unit heater hanging in the lower lever of her home, it is plumbed in the with the living area thermostat upstairs, so when the living area calls for heat, the unit he... read more

Home Building

Whether you are building a home or an addition to it, hiring help or doing it yourself, it is imperative to make all the right decisions at the right time. Use these forums as a source of valuable information and advice from the construction industry pros and homeowners alike.

Home Climate

This category contains discussions about heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade, commonly referred to as HVAC. Although not as open for DIY homeowners as some other building trades, HVAC generates a considerable amount of topics about furnaces, A/C units, installation and maintenance of this equipment both by homeowners themselves and hired professional help.
  • HVAC Discussions

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  • A/C size and short cycling

    by lborne
    I have not had a manual J done. However, based on the past 10 years experi ence with a 4 ton A/C system, I've been able to keep the humidity down and be cool during the summer here in central Flo... read more

Other Home Topics

The number of topics related to home ownership is so great, ranging from construction and architecture to lawn care and house chores, that some of the forums simply could not fit into an existing category and so we have collected them here, in "Other Topics"
  • House Cleaning

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  • Rodent Poison Bars

    by AddieHamm
    Does anyone know the name of the rodent poison that looks like a granola bar with seeds and nuts in it? Not One Bite. That stuff seems to make them go crazy with pain and come into the middle of the ... read more

Lawn and Garden

Topics of great interest to homeowners who care for a garden or a lawn
  • Garden Forum

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  • Terrarium plants?

    by KenK
    Perhaps this is OT but there seem to be no terrarium newsgroups in English. Can anyone suggest a plant(s) for a small - cubic foot or less - terrariums. I have a book but it concentrates on air pl... read more »
  • Backyard Gardeners

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  • Brown patch in lawn?

    by Mike Lawton
    Hi, I've just returned from 2 weeks holiday and discovered a big brown patch in my lawn. I'd say it is about 2 foot square. It's been raining a lot in the UK recently and the soil below the grass ... read more »

Home Owner's Library

We have collected a number of books and documents about home construction, design as well as its upkeep and improvement. Our library grows continuously so please make sure to check back here often. We will be linking the new books and documents as soon as they are available in electronic format.
our latest books and documents:

A Treatise on Architecture and Building Construction Vol. III.

Common Sense Stair Building and Handrailing

Manual Training Course in Concrete