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Home Improvement

Water dripping from dehumidifier

author: TimR posted 06-27-2016

There is water dripping from the base. It is not coming from the tank or the hose to the drain. I replaced the last one when it kept freezing up. But on this one there is no way to see the coils. ... read more »

Problem with bathroom odors

author: gmc444 posted 05-05-2016

Hello, I am hoping some smart person can help me with ideas for identifying odor problems in my master bathroom. There are two subtle odors involved, one comes from near the two sinks, the other from... read more »

Some more actual DIY, another bit of furniture

author: John Rumm posted 06-27-2016

Sorry to interrupt the euro babble, but I did manage to get a project that has been cluttering up the workshop for a while finished: http://wiki.diyfaq.org.uk/index.php/Library_chair -- Cheers,... read more »

Home Building

Bathtub problem, Please help

author: Dottie rouse posted 04-12-2016

Ok question bout bath tubs. I live in a mobile home & I want to replace my corner garden tub with a regural tub( really want one with jets). My tub size is 52 3/4 by 52/ 34 16 deep. Where can I find... read more »

Not sure what this could be...?

author: morganforney posted 04-12-2016

I'm hoping someone can provide some answers on this. I'm actually a little creeped out by it... My husband bought a home years and years before I met him as an investment property. There have been va... read more »

wireless wooden keyboard

author: Electric Comet posted 06-27-2016

http://www.designboom.com/shop/design/wireless-keyboard-constructed-entirely-from-wood-07-23-2015/ i think the finger oils would keep the keys moving smoothly read more »

Generator shuts down after transfer.

author: CMR posted 11-14-2015

My 17 KW Generac generator shuts down after transfer to emergency power, with the generator in the auto mode I opened the main braker the generator did start and transfer, upon transfer the generator... read more »

Home Climate


author: Tony944 posted 06-24-2016

This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0064_01D1CE27.70591DF0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Employer80s difficul... read more »

Other Home Topics

Rodent Poison Bars

author: AddieHamm posted 11-12-2014

Does anyone know the name of the rodent poison that looks like a granola bar with seeds and nuts in it? Not One Bite. That stuff seems to make them go crazy with pain and come into the middle of the ... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Protecting Hummingbird Chicks

author: Snuffy "Hub Cap" McKinney posted 06-13-2016

Got 2 of the little nuggets poking their heads out of a next. I notice a wandering housecat under the tree today. I'm trying to watch and keep running it off as much as I can. Question.... the... read more »

Like Preen, but for lawns?

author: Bert posted 06-19-2016

Is there a commercial product that can be applied to lawns that prevents seeds from germinating, as Preen claims it does for gardens? I'm mainly interested in stopping the maple and ash tree seeds... read more »

When to pick garlic?

author: T posted 06-26-2016

Hi All, First I picked off sprits from my garlic (yummy!). Now all of the tops have slowly died. Is it time to harvest? Does garlic require much water? Many thanks, -T read more »

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