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Patio Cover Ledger Board Placement
Hello-- First time posting. I need to install a patio cover, however the eves of my roof are too low to give me the height I require at the end (14 ft) of the patio cover. What are my options? I DO...
4 years ago 1
convert brick to metal chimney below roof line
The roofers moved and broke the brick mortar joints below the roof line at least a couple feet. From the roof top the chimney is about 4 foot tall and the roofers probably did not realize the severity...
4 years ago
home addition without permits, selling home
No further details provided Oh well, you'll find out if you did a good job or not. However, most Codes or Laws don't require the Property Owner to get a permit for most anything WITHIN an existing...
5 years ago 1
Why is a shower stall not premitted in the same room as a high efficincy furnace
I recently had a new high efficiency furnace installed in my basement in the same room as there was an existing shower stall. The installers insisted on cutting and capping off the lines to the...
5 years ago
does a gas main where the meter is outside have to be grounded
No further details provided
6 years ago
need to put a shed directly behind house, how much air space should I have
I need to put a shed directly behind my house, it will be on a cement slab. How much air space do I need between the house & the shed ?. I am also concerned about getting whistling between the two.
6 years ago
can I wrap with tyvek and side over lead paint?
No further details provided Yep. Lead Paint's only a hazard indoors and only for corners or protrusions over 1/2-inch...mouth-able surfaces to children. Outdoors is no concern to anyone or anything....
7 years ago 1
Older house can't get gas turned on without upgrades
I turned off the gas to my 1968 ranch house while I traveled for awhile. When I called the gas company to turn it back on, the technician said he couldn't for two reason: 1. The gas pipe from my hot...
7 years ago 4
Is it a requirement to have a solid core door opening into a furnace closet?
I'm not aware of a part of the Residential code that would specify door materials. Design of the door can make a difference though. Louvered doors or doors with grill panels are often used for...
7 years ago 2
how can i find out if my apartment is up to code in ohio?
i live on the third floor and there are no fire escapes, no screens in the windows, (i have small children ages 4, and 2) the water is really cloudy when it comes out of the faucet and the apartment...
8 years ago 2
What size beam is needed for an outdoor gable patio cover with a 16 foot span? I plan to use 6x6 posts and do an open concept ceiling.
No further details provided I think you might need more.  What kind of wood?
8 years ago 2
what is the min size of a ADA aproved restroom door in a restaurant in New York State
what is the min size of a ADA approved restroom door in a restaurant in New York State 36-inches, is my understanding. Ambulance personnel and double-wide wheel-chairer's need to have room to...
8 years ago 1
If adding a new addition, will it require that my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors become hard wired throughout my house?
I live in Massachusetts, my existing house has battery smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. I'm considering adding a two car garage, with a room above and attaching to my house. If this is...
8 years ago 2