Older house can't get gas turned on without upgrades

I turned off the gas to my 1968 ranch house while I traveled for awhile. When I called the gas company to turn it back on, the technician said he couldn't for two reason:
1. The gas pipe from my hot water heater is 1/2" instead of 3/4". He wants me to change the piping. (Is this really a regulation and wouldn't my house be grandfathered in?? )
2. My new HVAC system (2 years old) should have a double wall (Type B) vent instead of a single. This system sits in a crawl space (high enough to stand up in) and vents directly outside through the brick foundation (less than 2 feet away). My HVAC person said that a double walled vent is usually only required if venting is going through an attic or where it travels through wood (walls, celing, etc)
Any thoughts?
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If these were propery installed and passed inspection, they should fall under the code that was in force as existing at the time of the final inspection, provided there are no defects that would be a safety hazzard. Contact your local code official (building inspections dept) and talk to them about this. It is possible they have additional requirements.
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If your pipe met standards a few weeks ago it should still be ok. I would ask a professional engineer for a review and document saying as to its safety. As for the HVAC unit I would have the gas company call the company that installed the system and tell them that it is wrong. Let them fight it out.
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