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trussed roof loft conversion with telebeam or ecotrus
Hi, I'm looking for a loft conversion (my house has a trussed roof) and I found out about Telebeam and Ecotrus recently as a way to not need a heavy steel beam installation and cranes involved. I...
3 months ago
Bryant Home, Stratford design
Hello I'm trying to find information on the structure of a Bryant homes, Stratford design House. More specifically I would like to work out the direction of the beams and the load bearing walls in the...
3 months ago
Correct Manhole Base?
Hi all. I'm going to attempt to install a drainage run myself for the first time for a new extension/annex in the garden. I'm a little confused and wondering if I can get some advice. Why do some...
1 year ago
Ok to use green Spax lags for concrete fasteners?
I've got a project where I'm attaching 3 in studs over 1 inch of foam to a block wall. My intent was to use Tapcons, but the threads are not holding. Will a green Spax lag work (not rust out) in...
2 years ago
Hi , I have a contractor building a new home in Florida. We are about to go our final inspection and I was looking at the house and thought that maybe I need a handrail on my front porch. My GC told...
2 years ago
Wall stud planing/sanding
I am working on replacing a uni-body fiberglass shower stall that was installed in when my house was built, with a 3 piece stackable stall. The problem I am running into is the bottom piece is a...
2 years ago
Electrical boxes sticking out too far
Hi, I am doing an extensive home remodel on my 1970s built home. It has the old ugly wood paneling that just had to go! I went through ripping it out. I repaired the drywall where I needed to and then...
3 years ago 1
Roof replacement and foundation repair
Hi everyone, I own a condo in a ~80 year old, 2-story brick building. Over the past few decades, one corner of the building has been sinking (a problem common to many buildings in the neighborhood,...
3 years ago 1
I am trying to create attick storage by placing a floor. Im thinking I need to attach the support to the truss so as not to put stress on t
I have a new construction home. I want some attic storage. There is blown in insulation in the attic. I'm thinking I need to suspend the floor supports from the truss beams. I was hoping to find a...
4 years ago 1
Building Foundation
I have a concrete slab which presently has a 10x16 storage shed built on it. Trouble is that it was built directly on the slab. Even though it was sealed as well as could, water leaks under. I want to...
4 years ago 1
Are there any good shed builders in the glossop area who could repair/rebuild my 3sided shed at a fair price?
No further details provided [IMG] [IMG]
4 years ago
whats max dist of posts for 4x6 beam with double 2x4 plate on top
No further details provided Based on a 16"o.c. joist or rafter load above, 3-1/2' to 4'. A "beam" is usually comprised of 2 sticks rather than just one and yes 2 is better than 1. See this very useful...
4 years ago 1
Basement Remodel HELP
My parents have been in need of a lot of help recently, so I have chosen to move in with them and help them around the house. The only way I will have any personal space, however, is if I can turn...
4 years ago 1
What is the vertical load limit for a 2 X 6 wall?
No further details provided How about 3 tons? Sorry but, your question is terrible. It doesn't portray your ability to build anything. I'm not even an engineer nor possibly able to answer further. You...
5 years ago 1
Is there a support beam missing?
I am looking to purchase our first home that was built in 1920. The house itself has been wonderfully maintained and remodeled. My Realtor had pointed out a removal of a wall between the dining area...
5 years ago 1