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7 years ago
3.5 degrees in 24 feet is how many inches of slope
Trigonometry. a = tan(A) * b (see picture below) a = slope you are looking for b = 24' = 288" so, a = tan(3.5°)*288 = 0.06116262 * 288 = 17.614834603 inch or approx 17-39/64" I am trying to...
7 years ago 4
How much does software for drawing a plot plan cost »
These days it seems you can get free (as in free beer) software for just about anything, really. Drawing diagrams is not exception. I've used the free Inkscape software ( ) for drawing a plot plan. I...
8 years ago 2
can i convert a pantry into a bathroom
I have a large walk in pantry. Its got a little junk in it. I have plenty of kitchen storage and a laundry area with plenty of storage. I could use the extra bathroom because I converted the garage...
8 years ago 1
Electrical boxes sticking out too far
Hi, I am doing an extensive home remodel on my 1970s built home. It has the old ugly wood paneling that just had to go! I went through ripping it out. I repaired the drywall where I needed to and then...
3 years ago 1
Neighbor is trying to destroy the wooden fence with large 90 degree angle postss
Malicious neighbor is trying to destroy the 175 foot long wood fence I put in between us, on my property in 1999. Am selling the house and he wants to make the fence look "messed up" so he can replace...
6 years ago 1
6 ft 2x6 beam - how much downward pull can it take?
I am wanting to hang 2 gym rings from a ceiling joist. This is the only place high enough on my property to hang the rings from. The joist is a 2x6, 6' long under a porch roof. It's well secured on...
8 years ago 3
why back fill sand into a crawl space
The house was built in 1969. In 1994 (20 ) years ago a two story addition was added to the house. the crawl space is 32' x18' and the footing is 12" inside the 8" block foundation. thus making it a...
6 years ago 1
what would be the estimated cost of constructiong a 60x80 post frame with tin siding and dirt floor
what would the labor and material cost be for building a 60x80 post frame, tin skin, dirt floor, 20' sliding doors on each end and one man door?
8 years ago
What's a fair price for a contractor to charge to remove an eight foot load bearing wall in houston
The wall is between the kitchen and den on the first floor of a one and a half story home. And actually the "upstairs half" story is on the front half of the house, and the wall being removed is in...
8 years ago
how much does it cost to jack up a house and level it
The cost will most certainly run in thousand dollars. I have seen reports of a $5000 project in CA for a construction company to replace a few piers and level a single story house, and I would say...
8 years ago 2
what is frost line in juno alaska?
You mean, Juneau? Never been to the great State of Alaska, would love to go (in a summer :) ) It's obviously a great concern to the Juneau Water dept. and so they publish some relevant info (along...
8 years ago 2
Cracks where wall meets ceiling
I recently discovered these cracks in my wall, where the wall meets the ceiling along the stairs (see photos). Both cracks have gotten a little bigger over the last 2 or so weeks since I first noticed...
5 years ago 1
what should stair rail bracket spacing be?
No further details provided If you mean the pickets or spindles then the spacing should be 4 inches on centre to be safe. This is also a building code regulation where we live in Canada.
7 years ago 2
will sheet rock go moldy over time if the detached garage is only heated occasionally?
I don't want heat on in my garage all the time. When I'm out there working or socializing I may have the wood stove on, if/when I decide to install one. I can't seem to decide what to put on my...
8 years ago 1