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how to install tubes to relief hydrostatic water pressure against basement walls and floor
No further details provided Dig. You can dig inside to just below the footer and continue the water damage to the foundation (the cheapest and most wrong way). Or, you can dig outside to also...
7 years ago 1
Convert 2nd bedroom into a bigger, remodeled kitchen; convert old kitchen to a den. Good or bad idea?
I bought small (1100 sq ft) 2br/1ba, single story house in a pretty solid market. The kitchen needs renovating, but instead of keeping it in the same 65 sq ft footprint, Im considering turning the...
7 years ago 1
Excessive settling noises and sheetrock cracks
I moved into a new home three years ago in MN. The house was built in 2005 so is 7 years old. The house is built in a low spot in the neighborhood and the soil is mostly clay so the sump pump goes off...
7 years ago
Can I attach joist hangers to a wall to produce a three foot floor
I have a attach garage with about a 2.5 foot step from the house to the garage surface. I want to build a room directly from the door(same height). I want to know if I can build a wall then attach...
7 years ago
will my 2x6" floor joists, spanning 6', be sufficient to support a 5'x32" bathtub
my current floor has a beam at the center of the floor. 12 foot room, 6 foot span for joists. Joists are 2"x6" at 2' on center. Will my current floor support a bathtub?
7 years ago
I want to fasten a board with a bird feeder hanger on to a piece of iron that will be sunk into the ground. Hand drill-bolts/nuts work?
What drill bit should I buy?
8 years ago
What repairs/replacements can we expect for a 10 year old home in Virginia?
We own a 10-year old, two-story home (no basement) in Northern Virginia (we now live in California and rent it out). In the past year we have had to replace the refrigerator, water heater and smoke...
8 years ago 4
What is the stud spacing on single-wide mobile homes?
No further details provided
8 years ago
What would be the best Brand to buy for a used Mobile Home?
I haven't owned a mobile home. I'm looking to buy in Florida. Are there any mobile homes known to hold up better than other?. Or any noted to stay away from?
8 years ago
will sheet rock go moldy over time if the detached garage is only heated occasionally?
I don't want heat on in my garage all the time. When I'm out there working or socializing I may have the wood stove on, if/when I decide to install one. I can't seem to decide what to put on my...
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Need new name for our new company - we sell mosquito mesh , windows & interiors
8 years ago
try to find floor plan for a DR Horton model home
I am trying to locate the basement floor plan for my house. I live in a Dover model home constructed by DR Horton. The house is located in Lakeville MN, crossroads housing development.
8 years ago
How much does software for drawing a plot plan cost ยป
These days it seems you can get free (as in free beer) software for just about anything, really. Drawing diagrams is not exception. I've used the free Inkscape software ( ) for drawing a plot plan. I...
8 years ago 2
home fire damaged insurance adjuster basing restoration price on
Fire destroyed my home, onlty shell left standing. My ins. adjuster came back with a forty page breakdown of costs to replace....He used quotes for blueboard throughout????? Used to be blueboard was...
8 years ago 1
how do you repair a I beam (OSB) that was cut out for a air duct but never used?
I have a short span of several wood I beams - approximate 10-12 feet. One of the beams has a larg hole cut out for a air duct that was never used? How can I repair it back to original condition? Can I...
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