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My parents have been in need of a lot of help recently, so I have chosen to move in with them and help them around the house. The only way I will have any personal space, however, is if I can turn their completely unfinished basement into something that resembles an apartment.
Step 1 is to clean the place up. the walls are cinderblock and the floors are concrete. what do I need to do to get off the old paint from the walls and what else should I be doing to the walls and floors to make the space livable?
I have never done anything like this before, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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If you're just talking temporary and not pursuing an actual Finished Basement to add value to the property...this should be your only plan. Then, just paint to your liking and configure furniture properly around any outlets. If the wall paint is solid or just needs scraping in a few areas, just paint over it in the same or a different color. The floor gets coated in a Sealer. Keep it simple. - If you're imagining an actual Living Space that's well lighted and electrified. Then, you should hire the job out. Here's why. Paint on the Cinder Block doesn't matter at all, as the walls should be insulated tightly with Rigid Foam and then faced with stud walls and drywall. And, within those walls must be proper and legal electric wire, outlets and switches. - But before walls, would be the ceiling and floor design. If you want a warm floor, then you'll need to plan on losing a couple of inches of room height. In the ceiling, any and all plumbing valves and electrical junction boxes need to be removed or granted free access in the finished ceiling. Then, you may still need to build the ceiling down to ensure safety of surface-mounted plumbing pipes, electric wires and ductwork. Are you even left with a legal room height of 7'6"? - Finally, you'll want more and better lighting that must also be added to the home's electrical system. You'll want a full bath and maybe a kitchenette that must be added to the plumbing and electrical systems. Maybe you even want a dryer basement, which will (in fact) require at least a perimeter drain system attached to a sump pump system. You doing it, could take a year.
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