I am trying to create attick storage by placing a floor. Im thinking I need to attach the support to the truss so as not to put stress on t

I have a new construction home. I want some attic storage. There is blown in insulation in the attic. I'm thinking I need to suspend the floor supports from the truss beams. I was hoping to find a metal device to cup around the a frame of the truss and lay 2x4's across the area and then put some safe thickness of plywood on top of it. My largest concern is that I don't want to put unnecessary stress on the ceiling below. Obviously I don't want to compress the insulation more than I have to. Floor stability is my paramount concern. I am an amateur DIY'er so picture and basic terms are appreciated.
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Bill Ranney
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I would advise against the whole idea, if you're planning on a lot and/or heavy item storage. Yes, a Roof Truss setup does have extra strength, but you really don't want to add much of anything to it. Trusses are designed specifically for the house and what expected loads it should see, they aren't AT ALL an off-the-shelf item. Homes aren't built like they used to be, they're built cheap. - You should consult your Builder and their Engineer or An Engineer. For your purpose, you may be able to bolster the Trusses by properly attaching more lumber to the sides of the Truss Web at the most strategic points of tension and compression. Sorry but, it just isn't as simple as tacking up some cleats or looping some chains around some meat here and there.
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