Patio Cover Ledger Board Placement

First time posting. I need to install a patio cover, however the eves of my roof are too low to give me the height I require at the end (14 ft) of the patio cover. What are my options?
I DO NOT want to attach anything to the fascia board. In all actuality, I would like to cut back the roof to make it flush with the wall. If I do this, I have only roof-angled rafters and the parallel-to-the-slab support rafters exposed.This gives me a 1.5" area to lag into. If I user a 2X8 ledger board, the bottom part will overlap the rim board, but only at the bottom portion of the ledger.
Question One: Is it common practice and more importantly, to code, to lag a ledger board into the 1.5" end of a support rafter?
Question Two:. Can I use 8" steel elbow brackets to bolt into the side of the parallel rafters and then, bolt the ledger board into those?
Now if I can do option two, I could space several lags into the rim supports (which would be 2" at the bottom of the ledger board) for added support.
Thank you for your advice,
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Branden Leon
This is a common improvement and a quite advanced DIY project. Please, at least, consult a Carpenter, Engineer or The-Will-Be-Required Municipality, before starting anything. The Answer here is: It Depends on what's legal in your area. Please, also be aware that the Building Codes are not universal and factually are just the Minimum Efforts and not the best or strongest. - A ledger-board nailed, screwed or bolted to the ends of the rafters may be fine for an area that doesn't see much or any snow. Other areas, may require a 6-foot deep Sister Rafter connection to the Main Rafters, as well as reinforcement of the home's exterior wall or full perimeter support columns connected to proper concrete footings. - Yes, snow is a big deal, but don't ignore wind and rain. You'd now have a sail for the wind and whatever you add to the main or adjacent roof is now more water to manage. You cannot just tack-on another 150 sq. ft. or more and re-use the old gutter design or even underground drain-pipe (if applicable). - All of this will and should be inspected and pass those multiple inspections in order to actually add value to the property, which is what you're after beyond just your own enjoyment. Therefore, I can't get into Fasteners, Fastening Hardware, Proper Wood or other Materials, Sizes of Rafters or Columns, Roofing or its Ventilation, Lighting, Cooling and Overall Design, which must be known, approved and stuck to.
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