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Home Construction
Dining room window is off center according to plans...the dining room window was supposed to be centered outside under a second floor window and centered inside the dining room with a coffered...
3 years ago 1
the only time the light works is when i press test
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4 years ago
Can you repair soffit screens
Is there a way to repair soffit screens without going into the attic? Can you attach screen to screen along the soffit?
4 years ago
Has anyone had experience with using Home Depot's services for roofing or siding?
I would like to know what your experiences have been. Thanks in advance for sharing. Steve
5 years ago
where to buy bags of red tar mac
I only need a small amount of red tarmac, maybe one bag. If it was black there would be no problem, lots available. But red Tarmac seem to cost four times the amount and only come in large tubs.
5 years ago
Once gutter are cleared out what to use to prevent trees from growing in em?
Get the gutters cleaned out regularly but when the "helicopters land" ... even in the clean gutter they grow into lovely little plants. My question is, is there a solution I can run inside the gutter...
5 years ago
Are there mold proof shingles?
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5 years ago
Bug treatment holes opening up..... What do i do?
I bought my house 5 1/2 yrs ago & the previous owners had a bug treatment done right before i bought the house. What i mean by bug treatment is they drilled holes around the perimeter of the home &...
6 years ago
Has anyone used Onara roofing panels to seal or skirt a house on brick piers?
I have a 100 year old wooden house on piers which needs the skirting replaced? What materials are acceptable to insurance?
7 years ago
are cleanouts required on vertical rain water leaders on the outside of on exterior wall (outside of building)
is a cleanout required by the Ontario plumbing code on a vertical downspout (rain water leader) on the exterior of the building?
8 years ago
How common is it to install a downspout in the middle of the front of the house?
Our home is ranch style. The construction company has installed a downspout on the front side of the house between two windows. We were quite surprised and think it looks hideous. How does one...
8 years ago
should new home framing have repairs or should it be replaced?
there are damages to the framing of my new home and should that be repared or replaced with a new sheet?
8 years ago
We purchased a Sunsetter motorized awning in 2010 and had it installed by a contractor but since last year it is sagging on one side
This sounds like the lateral side arms need to be adjusted. It is pretty much a part of the normal height adjustments procedure except you'd do it on one arm only. Unless you see the fabric rolling...
8 years ago 2