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my ficus ripen is not attaching to stucco wall - what can I do ?
No further details provided Stake it or put lattice up on stakes for the Ficus...the stucco will thank you.
4 years ago 1
can synthetic stucco be patched with concrete stucco
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5 years ago
How do I remove industrail glue from exterior stucco wall?
Stucco walls that were previously screened in. The screen frame was installed with an industrial glue and masonry screws. We have taken the frame down and patched the screw holes with stucco patch and...
6 years ago
How to remove latex paint from a smooth exterior stucco wall?
The latex paint on my exterior stucco wall is peeling and blistering in places. In some places the paint appears to be well adhered to the wall but when I start peeling in the bad areas the paint...
6 years ago 1
I have a stucco house. Would like faux brick to cover it. Any ideas?
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6 years ago
Brick Veneer Over Stucco
What is the approved lath to be used under Eldorado roma tile. Jim
7 years ago
elastomeric paint on exterior stucco wall is beginning to bubble.
How do I fix the problem? That sounds about right. Elastomeric was supposed to be "the answer", but it traps moisture from inside the building. You have no choice but to ignore the problem or to strip...
8 years ago 1
can I add lime and sand to motar mix to make stucco mix
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8 years ago
Can solid oil stain be used over latex paint on stucco?
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8 years ago
how do you transition the brick to stucco
We are uing a combination of brick and stucco. How do you transition from brick to stucco at the corners of the house?
8 years ago
how do you remove texcote from stuco
 All external application Tex-Cote coatings can be removed with Methyl Ethyl Ketone (a.k.a. MEK Solvent, a.k.a. 2-butanon), acetone or Xylol . MEK works best but Xylol is easier sourced since big...
8 years ago 2
what kind of tape will stick to stucco
You are looking for a very thick and stretchable tape that's UV-resistant and has a water-proof backing. A highly specialized and very expensive stuff. Something that's advertised as an outdoor...
8 years ago 2
soffit over existing stucco...i looked at many homes that look bad.. should i cut away 1 or 2 inches of stucco ?
or should i add a 1x2 under the j trim Just to clarify: the walls are stuccoed higher than the J-trim level? What's behind the stucco, anyway? You are going to need a board (perhaps a 2x2) to mount...
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