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Steel frame canopy #421011 canopy roof replacement
I need a new canopy roof top for a steel frame canopy # 421011 item no 2002-d. I believe it came from costco [IMG]
11 months ago
Wrong gas in lawn mower
I accidentally put regular gas in my 4 cycle lawn mower. So panicking i siphoned the gas out and right away put in Trufuel. i tried to start it up but it starts only a few seconds then turns off. I...
1 year ago
Power Tiller: Will small rocks affect it?
The previous owners of my house had laid small white landscaping stones (.5-1") approximately 3-4 inches deep in our backyard (about a 26'14' space). We're planning to replace it with sod. I've...
2 years ago
railroad tie wall starting to leak at the bottom near a deadman
I have a four-foot high railroad tie retaining wall in my back yard that has started leaking near the bottom where a deadman joins the wall. Water and sand are pouring out when it rains. Is there any...
4 years ago
Tips on replanting trees?
No further details provided
5 years ago
does any one now reliable supplier where i can buy custom outdoor fire pit
I am looking for a outdoor fire pit supplier , does any of you guys know a reliable supplier? Im looking for a unique design.
5 years ago
I'm having the same problem I have one under my deck and one behind a telephone
I have drilled holes, poured bleach in holes poured salt on root area I don't know what else to try help!
5 years ago
how do I take down pool cage
I have a 25+ year old pool cage that I want to take down or at least remove the upper half to open up the area. Any suggestions?
5 years ago
do you make a sides for my 10x10 slated poles gazebo?and how much money?
No further details provided
5 years ago
Tiebacks and hooks for outdoor curtains
I'm looking for tiebacks AND hooks suitable for OUTDOOR curtains (won't rust, etc.). Thank you.
5 years ago
Building a home, question about fencing.
I'm building a home in between two homes that are already occupied. One neighbor has a wooden privacy fence. The other one has a steel fence with no privacy. Per our package options with the builder,...
6 years ago
Where to get parts for the 10x20 steel frame canopy from Costco
Costco does not appear to be selling steel frame canopies anymore, only aluminum. I expect the current replacement parts would not be compatible in any way. Years ago, however, they used to sell steel...
7 years ago 8
I need to find an affordable way to keep sewage tainted water from running onto my property. Some sort of plastic ?.
My backyard is usually muddy and wet clay soil. The house next door has a septic tank overflow that heads my way as i am near ther bottom of a hill. So rain runoff and sewage tainted water runs...
7 years ago
Living Next To A Barn
Neighbors behind me have three dogs and a pigs little barn is right behind my 't hardly ever sit in there due to the 's have to ask neighbors to clean backyard of animal poo.I found out that according...
8 years ago 2
does the craftsman warrantee apply if the hose has been cut?
our landscaper apparent has sliced our hose. we just realized it and it's obviously a mistake. can we get a replacement free of charge?
8 years ago