I need to find an affordable way to keep sewage tainted water from running onto my property. Some sort of plastic ?.

My backyard is usually muddy and wet clay soil. The house next door has a septic tank overflow that heads my way as i am near ther bottom of a hill. So rain runoff and sewage tainted water runs through my yard and leaks into basement. There is a cedar privacy fence in place and i am looking for something I can affodably obtain and install myself in association with a berm of soil and on my side of fence to encourage the water to flow away and towards the street and ditch.
This is a real serious problem and have tried to work with previous neighbor and local health department to resolve. No success. The offending house is now in forclosure. Could someone please advise me as to an affordable method to deflect the water?
Thanks for reading and I would be appreciative for any help.
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