Living Next To A Barn

Neighbors behind me have three dogs and a pig.The pigs little barn is right behind my gazebo.Can't hardly ever sit in there due to the smell.Alway's have to ask neighbors to clean backyard of animal poo.I found out that according to my neighborhoods rules only domestic pets are allowed.Which means the pig is illegal to have.Should I be a b**** and complain to the neighborhood board of directors and have the famy's beloved pet be evicted and see the little children cry or should I think about my own sanity and sense of smell and report the little stinky porker.Or perhaps give the husband and wife a stern warning about keeping a cleaner yard or else I would report them?I had a cookout last week and the smell was not noticable but only because I complained two days earlier. I'm tired of complaining.I should be able to sit in my gazebo and eat a fresh grilled hotdog without smelling piggy poo! Not only that but on the day of my cookout the husband decided to play with his chainsaw for a few hours.could hardly hear peoples conversations. In fact whenever I have a cookout there is alway's some kind of lawnmower,weedwacker,or chansaw running.I think it is done on purpose to irritate me.
How to deal with these noise makers and their smelly yard? This is the suburbs,not the country by the way....
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Some people are really too sensitive to odor of a smoking cigarette. They are also afraid that it would cause harm to their lives.
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