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cast iron victorian downpipe joins
Should the joins between lengths of cast iron victorian downpipes be left "unfilled"? We have a downpipe that had a couple of problems, one being that it was not straight. In addition, the lower,...
2 years ago
Neighbor's swale is flooding my yard
I have a home in Ohio that sits in the middle of a long sloping hill. My neighbor on the high side has a swale that drains in to the middle of my backyard at the property line. My yard only has a...
3 years ago 1
How can I divert rain dripping onto my front steps from my aluminum awning?
No further details provided You didn't say what kind, like vertical (squared) or horizontal (rounded) channels or ribs. But, what works for all types is Aluminum C-channel You'd just screw or rivet it...
4 years ago 1
rains hard water stands in yard then water comes under foundation of house
No further details provided You will most likely need to find a way to drain all this excess water before it reaches the foundation. My advice is dig a hole install a tank, followed by a sump pump of...
5 years ago 2
water coming up into basement of my moms condl at base of lolly column
Hi,my mom has a 7 year old condo and have recently had a significant amount of water coming up through the area where the lolly column comes up through the concrete floor. The pipe is rusty from the...
5 years ago 1
How do you keep water above drain plate?
No further details provided You install the drain plate so it's the lowest point. Otherwise, you have a standpipe that only functions during just flood conditions. Helpful, but far from optimal.
5 years ago 1
what is the problem when water enters midway between two row homes that are side by side
No further details provided None, usually. The ground or concrete is typically pitched/graded so any water runs to the front street or the rear alley. If water's pooling and flooding into either or...
6 years ago 1
Is it possible to redirect an under ground stream under a home using concrete fill?
It's an interesting question that can probably only be answered fully by the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) , which in your case would be the Colorado Division of Water Resources. I do have a...
7 years ago 4
do i extend the dimple board out over the weeping tile or under the weeping tile
do I extend the dimple board waterproofing membrane down the wall and out over the weeping tile then gravel or do I extend dimple board out from wall onto ground and put weeping tile on top of that...
7 years ago 1
Do they make sewer jet nozzles for garden hoses?
I want to clean part of a church 12 inch storm drain. No, there isn't enough volume to make them possible. Your best bet of cleaning is to tie a rope to a Brick (if heavily clogged) or Cinder Block...
7 years ago 1
do you have to empty your drywell?
If the dry well works as designed, water will percolate out of it and into the ground on its own. Does it stay for too long? How long? Or does it just not empty on its own at all. Has it ever worked?...
7 years ago 3