water coming up into basement of my moms condl at base of lolly column

Hi,my mom has a 7 year old condo and have recently had a significant amount of water coming up through the area where the lolly column comes up through the concrete floor.
The pipe is rusty from the bottom about an inch up.
It had rained some the day it happened, also a lot of snow here (Ma)
I spoke to the builder of the condos, as there have been a lot of issues with stuff there, including units behind my moms having water problems and them doing some grading behind her unit.
He claimed he had never seen water coming through a column like that, and basically acted like I was crazy, even though you could see a huge area still wet and stained(I also had some stored items ruined from the water in basement)
As the temperatures are warming here this week, and lots of snow will be melting, I'm quite concerned about more water coming in.
There are also quite a few cracks in all areas of concrete floors.
Don't know if I
should try to seal around pipe, if so, with what product? The builder said maybe a perimeter drain is plugged?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!
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It sounds like the water table is high in that area. Unfortunately you can not do anything about that except putting in a sump pump to get the water out. As for the lally column, I am a manufacturer of lally columns so I would recommend drying off the steel and taking off any rust then putting some roofing tar at the bottom of the column to prevent any more rusting. Good luck.
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