Building a home, question about fencing.

I'm building a home in between two homes that are already occupied. One neighbor has a wooden privacy fence. The other one has a steel fence with no privacy. Per our package options with the builder, we are to get 6' privacy fences. Along the back wall, we won't need any fencing because there is a brick wall since we are on the exterior part of the neighborhood. So with all that being said, I have two questions.
1. Is our builder obligated to build a wooden privacy fence next to the neighbor's fence to cover it since there is no privacy at all?
2. Is there a potential that our HOA will not allow this?
We have dogs and plan to install a pool closest to that side of the yard. I don't want our dogs barking at the neighbors and I don't want our neighbors lurking when we are in our backyard. They are quite curious and have already given us the stare down when we went to check out the progress of our home building.
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