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Garden hose across (or under) cement driveway?
I need to run a garden hose from the well across a 10' wide paved driveway to water a garden on a timer. The problem is that the hoses used crack and leak before long. Ideally I'd like to go UNDER the...
3 years ago 1
Trying to source some Marshalls Drive line Elite Heather block paving
I am extending a path and need about 7m2 of the original block paving (driveline elite heather). Marshals have discontinued and cannot find a source anywhere
4 years ago
The fill around my culvert is being eroded under my concrete drive.
The fill around my culvert which sits under a concrete drive is eroding. It is happening because the drainage ditch has not been dug out by my subdivision in about 10 years. How do I go about making...
4 years ago 1
repeat question.. Where can I buy bags of red tarmac or ash felt
where can I buy bags of red tarmac or red ashflt
5 years ago
How can I secure a 1/4
I have two planters, one on each side of the garage door. The 1/4" tubing fits nicely in the cement crack, but is not secure. Do I need to run the tubing up and over the garage door from the inside?...
5 years ago
how long will it take for sealcoat asphalt to looks terrible
I've got my asphalt sealcoat but since then we see all the faults in the driveway and the black color looks terrible. When will it fade? Everything fades overtime! I don't know why you don't like the...
5 years ago 2
Where do I get a replacement roof cover for my costco carport.
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6 years ago
why is calcium chloride good for driveways
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7 years ago
chattahoochee stone resurfacing
our 30 yr. old chattahoocheee stone driveway is cracking and breaking apart in some areas. we would like to repair the cracks and resurface. any suggestions? please include any contractors near palm...
7 years ago
On one corner of my driveway a 2x2ftx2ft hole developed, it is partially under my driveway
Should this be filled with dirt or gravel? Either or both is fine. Just make sure you tamp them solid every foot or less, even if it's just you walking on each layer. You may, possibly, still end up...
7 years ago 1
I am a contractor who has a dump truck and is renting the truck I need a release form for the homeowner to sign
I am a contractor who is renting my dump truck to a roofing company and I want the a release form for the homeowner. It will be parked in the homeowner's driveway. If you have a Business Auto policy,...
7 years ago 1
I want to extend my driveway and level it off. Who is best company for thsi type of work?
Asphalt driveway. Want to extend beyong entrance to garage. Want to have kid's cars parked off of the street. When home was built, forced to accept a slanted side entrnace driveway into garage. Want...
8 years ago 1
where do i purchase ground asphalt? n e tampa
No further details provided For very small areas you can pick up Cold Patch bags from the Home Improvement and Hardware stores. For large projects you can get it from a Driveway Contractor or from a...
8 years ago 1
any reviews on blacktop sealer that dries in two hours and applied with roller
am looking for user feedback on blacktop sealer that comes in 2 gal. pail is applied with a roller and dries in two sold at lowes.
8 years ago
I have had asphalt millings placed on a gravel based driveway. It has been compacted. Is sealing it a good idea?
No further details provided denver asphalt beca No, if you plan on getting the topping or finish coating later. That base layer will need to be cleaned before the topping, so the...
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