The fill around my culvert is being eroded under my concrete drive.

The fill around my culvert which sits under a concrete drive is eroding. It is happening because the drainage ditch has not been dug out by my subdivision in about 10 years. How do I go about making sure it is repacked well and that I make sure it is filled completely so it doesn't cause extensive damage to the driveway? Of course I am fighting the homeowner assoc to come dig the ditch so the water doesn't get forced above and around the culvert as I am situated next to a large feeder underground ditch that pushes the water to a nearby rentention pond. I would like to concrete the sides walls too when I finish repacking it.
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I wouldn't get too invested when dealing with a corrupt HOA, not that there's any other kind. But, just pack and layer a bunch of gravel into the culvert's fill, until you get the HOA to do its job and stop violating the bylaws. Only then, should you take the step toward concrete, which you shouldn't have to do. For anything so permanent, you MUST have their written approval in hand.
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