Garden hose across (or under) cement driveway?

I need to run a garden hose from the well across a 10' wide paved driveway to water a garden on a timer. The problem is that the hoses used crack and leak before long. Ideally I'd like to go UNDER the driveway with a PVC pipe larger that a hose and run a hose through that. Is there an instrument/tool to do this with? Alternatively, would it work to put the hose in PVC across the driveway, anchor it, and just drive over it? Would it hold up over time? Thanks for any suggestions!
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I'd also see if you can run the hose along the house, where its tucked at the back of a step or porch step-up and then only crosses in front of a garage door. Or, run a Gutter Downspout or Leader drain pipe over to the garden area or even go to a Rain Barrel setup on that side if you can't get a Plumber in to put a Hose Bibb on that side of the house. - But yes, you can run the hose over the driveway, preferably in an enlarged control joint of the driveway. PVC could then hold up fairly long and be cheap and easy to replace as needed, but I think I'd go for Heavy Galvanized Pipe instead (like the threaded pipe you see in the Home Improvement Stores). - Though under the driveway would be ideal, you'll probably want to enlist a Sprinkler Company with its specialty tools and methods to do that. As, I'm not too keen on cutting a slot in the driveway to drop in a pipe. Yes, control joint cracks typically go all the way through the slab, but the slabs aren't actually detached and still have quite a lot of frictional retention of each other.
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