Diesel spill on asphalt driveway! :-(

I bought an old Mercedes diesel recently only to have it leak fuel on
my relatively new asphalt driveway. It is about a 2 foot x 4 foot
spill area. The asphalt here has softened up. What's the best way to
deal with it? Patch over with more asphalt? Allow the diesel to
evaporate (???) and then patch? I'm not sure if driveway sealant would
Thanks for any suggestions,
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Chuck W.
First, I'd soak up all that I could with speedy dry or cat litter. Then I'd use a detergent to wash off the rest. After that, if at all possible, I would avoid traffic on it and see what happens. It will evaporate over time and the asphalt may survive.
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No. Wash with a strong detergent (like TSP), hose off thoroughly, then let it evaporate for several months.
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Bob S.
Problem is definitely related to how long it has been since the spill occured. If cleaned up right away with absorbent and detergent there will probably be no problem, maybe some staining that will eventually go away. If left there too long the asphalt will disintergrate into small chunks. Not sure how long is too long though. I know a month would fall into this category.
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