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Floor boards for deck
My new deck will be 16 ft. wide by 24 ft. long. Will it be okay to run the boards lengthwise (the 24 ft. length)? My joists are running the 16 ft. length. I just want to know if this will look okay....
3 years ago 1
My posts are good, not sure about anchor bolt but bases are rusting out.
Replacing post base on 12 post on covered wrap around deck. Anchor bolt is probably still good, but it should be power wire brushed and painted after the new base goes on. Then, smear it up liberally...
4 years ago 1
Is there a wax or treatment application for protection .
No further details provided Yes, there is. If its mostly in shade, you can choose from a bevy of Water Sealers (applied annually) or Polyurethanes (might get 5-years out of them and then needs to be...
5 years ago 1
how do you raise an existing deck
No further details provided Hammered-in Shims, if it needs to come up just a little. If you're raising it to remove a or more steps, then a car jack. You'll need new posts and a new ledger board, lag...
5 years ago 1
can I paint decking floor with ordinary paint?.what is hardest wearing? decking paint used previously
It has previously been painting with decking paint. Looking for something harder wearing that will last longer. I don't want to strip or sand if I can get away with it If you don't want to strip and...
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My condo balcony is screened, but we can hardly see through it.
The screens are old and hard to see through. The mesh is white in places. It will very difficult to replace the mesh. Is there any way I can refresh the screens with some kind of paint or perhaps an...
5 years ago 1
Did anyone had a problem with painting wood treated with Jasco wood preservative
Couple years ago, I had my Deck rebuilt. We treated the wood with JASCO Copper Clear Wood Preservative 1st; then built it. We painted the Deck after we prime it. Now the paint is pealing in a horrible...
5 years ago 1
Raw linseed oil on cedar planking of our deck did not totally absorb into the cedar . . .
This was only one coat, and I put it on pretty thick, because two years ago when I did it, the cedar sucked up the first coat so fast, I had to put on a second coat. The cedar sucked the second coat...
6 years ago 1
Can you mix treated wood with ipe wood
No further details provided Sure, but they won't look the same nor last the same length of time and you can forget about staining anything close to uniformly.
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Deck paint peeling after one year. Can I use porch paint over treated wood?
Had deck redone with treated wood but waited 3 years to put solid grey deck stain on. Prior to staining washed with soap and bleach and rinsed many times. Peeling everywhere. Thinking porch or marine...
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My deck is dry and the boards are splintering how can I repair without A new dec
My deck is old, dry and is can I repair it without replacing boards? It is a two level deck.... Your only choices are, to sand the piss out of it or to pull up all of the boards...
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does oil deck stain work well even if it became cloudy over the winter
I stained my deck last summer and left the residual stain in the garage, as I had a surplus. It did get down to about 20 degrees in my garage. Now this spring, the oil is cldy. I stained my deck again...
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I want to replace my 2nd story redwood deck with a concrete deck. will thatwork?
I have a large redwood deck on the 2nd story of my house. It is approx. 25' x 30' I realize you have to have sloping, Is there a potential for cracking? Yep, completely possible and yes cracking is...
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have 4 6x6 treated post 16' how big of a span can i have without extra posts i am covering my deck
No further details provided
6 years ago
connecting lattice panels on an octagon deck
My deck is an octagon. We have lattice panels on the bottom and they keep coming out from the T-connectors the contractor used. There are no posts going down from the deck to the ground, just the...
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