can I paint decking floor with ordinary paint?.what is hardest wearing? decking paint used previously

It has previously been painting with decking paint. Looking for something harder wearing that will last longer.
I don't want to strip or sand if I can get away with it
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If you don't want to strip and sand it, then an exterior house paint is your only option. But, you can then paint over the paint with a clear Polyurethane to get maybe a few years at a time out of the polyurethane. But, you'll need to strip everything in 10-years. - Otherwise, it should've never been painted and only Solid Stained. Stain doesn't peel, blister or crack and just fades. If it gets Sun and you're fine with the wood-look, then One-Time Wood Protector
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is the ONLY winner. Just roll it on every 7-years and never strip.
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