Raw linseed oil on cedar planking of our deck did not totally absorb into the cedar . . .

This was only one coat, and I put it on pretty thick, because two years ago when I did it, the cedar sucked up the first coat so fast, I had to put on a second coat. The cedar sucked the second coat up, too, but I was too tired to put on more. It turned out to be just gorgeous, and we did enjoy it all summer and fall. Then, over the winter and this very wet spring and summer we've had, it has turned really, really dark! Neither
of us like it now.
My husband used his power washer and got it looking much better. But, I was not satisfied, and asked him to use the power washer again.
So, he did. We allowed it to dry for two days. Then, I painted on this thick coat of raw linseed oil --- from the very same gallon tin that I had used two years ago. I could see puddling happening, but it did that the last time I applied it, so I thought that was allright.
Unfortunately, it rained overnight, and it's just a huge mess. Huge. My husband broomed off the water, and we let it dry for two days, but
now, it feels tacky, and we are both sure it's not going to dry nicely like it did the last time I used it.
Any suggestions on how to clean up this mess I have made?
Thanks, in advance
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Mary Diane
A heavy degreaser, probably twice, followed by a thorough sanding. Then abandon the does-nothing good Linseed and roll-on One-Time Wood Protector
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every 7-years and never look back.
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