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Pergola Design Question
Hello, very new to woodworking but have been researching and trying to learn as much as I can. My wife and I also just moved into a new house. I'd like to build a pergola over the pavers in our...
3 years ago 1
where to find a patio umbrella with a threaded bottom on the poll for my patio which has a fixed hole for the placement of the umbrella?
i have a patio that has a built into the patio hole for the placement of a patio umbrella. so i am not n need of a base. i just can not seem to be able to find a umbrella poll that has the threads so...
3 years ago 1
where do I get replacement parts for Costco ITM. / ART. 781893
This is an enclosed canopy 10 x 20 From instruction sheet: For parts or customer service, please call 1-800-867-9018 Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm Pacific Standard Time
5 years ago 1
How to untilt my cosco market patio umbrella
No further details provided I don't know the particular umbrella that you're not mentioning, for some reason. But, the devices I've seen are either a sliding collar that must slide back up after you...
5 years ago 1
how do i remove a glass screen door
I want to change my rollers on the bottom but can't figure out how to remove the glass door. Please help me. Typically, you need to unscrew the center retention clip at the bottom. This could entail...
5 years ago 1
How do I repair the top hub of a patio umbrella? The wire that holds the top of poles is broken.
No further details provided Normally, you don't because you're in a forced obsolescence world. I haven't ever found any mechanical nor structural replacement umbrella parts.
5 years ago 1
anyone know where to get and how to replace a pulley for a tilted patio umbrella?
No further details provided Sorry no, you don't because you're in a forced obsolescence world. I haven't ever found any mechanical nor structural replacement umbrella parts.
5 years ago 1
how to remove the screws from old canopy for replacement
the old canopy's screws are stuck where the cloth meets the metal on the ribs, I have put wd40 around the screws and cannot remove them to replace the canvas. sorry don't know how to do pictures.
5 years ago
Collar tilt patio umbrella ALWAYS tilts when umbrella is fully open.
I'm looking for a way to permanently disable the tilt feature on my collar tilt umbrella. (Casual Cushion Corp is the brand through Improvements Catalog - about 5 years old). I've taken it apart and...
5 years ago 1
I am looking for parts for the 10x20 canopy item 30354 I am looking connectors
I have the same canopy that the previous commenter had. I need the 6 3 way connectors and 6 4 way connectors- do you know where I can find them?
5 years ago
what is the material called used to do a whitetopping project?
i want the name of the cement product used in doing a whitetopping project over a small asphalt patio.
5 years ago
Will a patio of pavers necessarily kill a live oak if built eight feet from the base of the tree?
Hi! We would like to build a patio of pavers off the back of our home. The edge of the patio would be about eight feet from the base of a mature (northern red?) oak tree (with a diameter of about 2.5...
6 years ago 1
My patio umbrella will not advance beyond the tilt mechansism of the pole.
No further details provided
6 years ago
best way to mount a 9' post in front of or to a 6' block wall
i am trying to figure out the best way to get a 9' high post mounted on the outside of my patio to install string lights, i'm not sure if i mount a full post with concrete footer in front of my block...
6 years ago 1
how to make tarp withdrawable or roll in as a patio cover from house to building as attached
want to roll or draw string back tarp used as a cover over patio from eve of house to 20 or 30 feet away to wood shed how to do that? 3 clotheslines. 2 woven through the tarp's side grommets and 1 set...
6 years ago 1