Will a patio of pavers necessarily kill a live oak if built eight feet from the base of the tree?

We would like to build a patio of pavers off the back of our home. The edge of the patio would be about eight feet from the base of a mature (northern red?) oak tree (with a diameter of about 2.5 feet). Do you think the root system would be deep enough we wouldn’t disturb it with a base? Would raising the base a few inches and investing in a more penetrating base be enough to preserve the tree? We hate the thought of damaging it.
Thanks for your help!
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Nope, it'll still let water and air through and a root here and there won't do it in. However, a root may upset the pavers in the future. But, that's the beauty of pavers, they can be removed for the root removal and be re-laid like nothing happened.
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