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Hello, very new to woodworking but have been researching and trying to learn as much as I can.
My wife and I also just moved into a new house.
I'd like to build a pergola over the pavers in our backyard but am trying to find the best design that suits us/our backyard.
The purpose of it is to have it be an extra seated area and also to take care of the leaves falling from the trees in our yard (We have a ton of trees and my neighbors said that it gets intense during Fall season)
I want it to be around 14' by 14' and have a sloped roof so that the leaves will fall into the grass, for the most part, can be mowed. I just saw a few photos while online with the roofs having glass or plexiglass. I'm new to the structure of the pergola but have a basic understanding so I don't think that will be the rough part because there are tens of basic plans for the structure but I didn't see many things explaining different ways to do the roofing portion of it.
It would be ideal to have it be see through to let the natural light in, but not a must.
If anyone has any suggestions or plans that could be useful, I would appreciate any help/advice. Thank you!!
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I realize the word Pergola has been bastardized grossly, but Pergola's aren't supposed to have roofs and only have framing for vines to become a roof. "Pergola's" with roofs are, in fact, porches or carports and retain wind, requiring a good deal more construction and consideration. - Check with you local Building or Zoning Department for what they require, which is all that matters. They may still require deep concrete footers for the posts, due to the commonly practiced potential of Pergola's being converted to porches and carports down the road. - You're essentially constructing a wood deck, where the deck is slanted...that's what most Municipalities say. In your case, the people-load will be replaced by water, leaf, snow and wind-load as well as uplift. Will this relieve the leaf fall? No, and usually makes it worse in that area. - Wind rushes and pools into such areas, so you may get more leaves delivered to the "Pergola". Also, leaves don't fall straight down nor just blow away or off of a roof. Open your garage door during the fall and you'll find the wind sweeps the driveway clean, right into the garage.
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