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Dremel 732 accessories
someone gave me a NEW in the box Dremel 732. No manuals, no attachments... and now it seems there are NO attachments made anymore. If anyone has a source for accessories, please let me know... Nick
3 hours ago
Origin Shaper
So my wife has full access to our upstairs for her quilting studio. We have laminate flooring in that area and she has a main sewing desk with two sewing machines which is eight feet long and five...
7 hours ago 7
Wooden Threads
Got the two nuts threaded. Blanks (ash wood) are about 4"X5"X5", to be trimmed to size to fit onto the table. The pilot hole drilled in the first blank was 1-5/8" (1.625"), slightly too small....
2 days ago 16
I Think It Got A Little Too Hot In My Trailer
I'll just leave this here... Or rats. Likely dry rot and possibly belt corrosion.... My father put new Michelin's on his Town Car about 25 years ago. This was a car that saw 1,000-1,500 miles per year...
3 days ago 10
Lee Valley Carries 2" Blast Gates - Why Not 2.5", Like Their Hoses?
I know I can call Lee Valley and ask, but it's more fun to start here. LV carries self cleaning blast gates in a 2" size. Most other sources for blast gates carry 2.5", not 2". LV (and just about...
6 days ago
DeWalt DW733 Planer
I put new bushings on the 2 rubber rollers, everything went good until I put the tool tray back on. Inserting the tool tray should unlock the blades but mine stay locked. Any help with this would be...
1 week ago
lox vs. star head screw
which is better? which is less stripping? which gets more torq.? IMNSHO, Philips are the best looking, and the best in a cabinet shop. The reason I say best in a cabinet shop is because everyone has...
1 week ago 8
lux or star head screw
Which is less stripping and better drive a lux head screw or a star head screw?
1 week ago
One Hobby Supports Another, Plus
Latest Projects: Cutting up and cleaning up limbs and debris from Hurricane Delta. Had a window sash damaged, now repaired, otherwise I had no damaged compared to others in the neighborhood. Finished...
1 week ago 20
Totally OT but I'm doing a great job!
Well, I signed up for SS and got my first check/deposit last month. Yipeeee So I got an e-mail yesterday and, and, and.... I'm already getting a raise!!!! Wow who has gotten a raise after their first...
1 week ago 9
4 foot LED "shop" lighting
Just a rant ... < a long one - sorry folks > but wondering if anyone else has any bad experience with this type of lighting ? And - buyer beware if you're outfitting your whole shop ! Less...
1 week ago 72
I Met A Cool Woodworker Yesterday - Mac's Woods
SWMBO and I went on an Open Studio Tour yesterday. That's one of those self-guided tours where artists and crafts-people open their studios and workshops to the public, sell their wares, etc. This one...
3 weeks ago
WOT (Way off topic): Internet connection speed
I'm sure there's someone here who has an answer since woodworkers know things. We just upgraded our Spectrum to get the 200 mbps connection speed. All computers in the house can get that speed except...
3 weeks ago 37
Re: Delta Blade Alignment Procedures - Contractor's saw models 34-444
Thanks for the info. Worked like a charm. Well, after only seven years the url to the pdf is no longer valid. I don't suppose anyone has saved it????? Not I, but found this, a number of hits. Thanks...
3 weeks ago 4
Oval frames
We have an oval mirror in the bath room and my wife would like it to have an oval frame for it. This seems like an "easy" do-it-yourself project. While I have a general idea of how you would construct...
3 weeks ago 8