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My mortar got a soaking. Will it still set?
I used ready mixed mortar to level the ground under a metal shed. Then it rained hard and the shed flooded, soaking the mortar. A day later it's dry but not hard yet. Will it set or should I start...
5 years ago
need to build retaing wall/step approx 8 inch to hold back soil any advice pls
length is 12 meters height 8 inches (200mm) how do I do it?
5 years ago
how to remove hammer nail cement anchors
No further details provided
6 years ago
Rendering accrington brick
What is the best way to render accrington brick
7 years ago
There is about a 4 inch gap between the sidewalk and the bottom of our front steps.
What are my options for filling the gap?
8 years ago
have a basement window that I Need to fill with cinder blocks how hard is it
You would have to remove the window and the wood frame and fill the opening with Basalite or similar 4x8x16 masonry blocks. The last row and column can be cut to size rather easily with a circular saw...
8 years ago 2