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Frost on brickwork
My house (mid terrace) is 2 1/2 year old, in the last few weeks I have noticed frost on 2 parts of my brickwork please see photo, the rest of the houses i.e both sides do not have this problem. Any...
4 years ago
imtrying to remove smears around the old shutters that someone had painted carel
No further details provided You can try paint remover, Spray, Liquid or Paste. But, usually the bricks nooks and crannies go unaffected. So, buy a cheap little propane or butane torch kit ($15-$25)...
4 years ago 1
Should mortar turn brown in color after adding water?
Yesterday I mixed a bag of Quikrete mortar that had been laying around about five or more years. When mixed it was brown in color, not the usual grey. I used it anyway but I'm wondering if that was a...
5 years ago 1
Brick repointing butcher job
I had someone repair missing mortar on my porch and this is what he did. (In case the picture didn't upload, he just splattered mortar all over the wall, getting more on the brick faces than in holes...
5 years ago
Brick repointing butcher job
I had someone repair my front brick porch. Is this job SO bad that I should refuse to pay the balance and tell the contractor to sue me if he wants the last $100 of a $450 job? I've never see work...
5 years ago 1
pointing accrington brick
Use double boiled linseed oil & ground brick dust.Mine has lasted 50 years!!DO NOT USE AN ANGLE GRINDER to remove the old filling as it will nick the bricks especially on the is also no need to rub...
6 years ago
water coming into my basement through outside wall
No further details provided Any dampness means there's water penetrating from the outside and that's the only place water should be handled. You may simply need your Gutters cleaned along with their...
6 years ago 1
how do I raise brick veneer on settling front porch slab
I have a front porch that is on a concrete slab and has settled along with the brick veneer wall of the house. I am almost sure the slab is on fill dirt that was not properly packed. This has casued...
6 years ago 1
Has State Farm Insurance Company ever paid a claim on hail damage brick?
No further details provided I'd say yes, they've been around for almost 100-years and have paid for more oddities than Farmers Insurance could make advertisements for.
7 years ago 1
Do I have to remove the paint on my concrete steps before I lay bricks over them?
No further details provided No, you can do whatever you want. But, with the paint stripped off you'll have at least some minor mortar or Thin-Set adhesion. For steps though, some people drill Tapcons...
7 years ago 1
can you put brick or brick veneer over stucco?
No further details provided Yep, just slop the mortar or adhesive on and go. But, make sure you include re-caulking all of your stucco's window and door seams along with any hairline cracks in the...
7 years ago 1
how can i evenly cut a piece of brick
looking for a way to have an even corner on a flower bed made of brick Circular Saw, Miter Saw or Cut Off Saw with a Masonry blade, cheap Black Fiber or Diamond Coated. $30-$100 for the saw and $4-$40...
8 years ago 1
I have water seeping our of very small holes in the mortar between my bricks. These bricks are 8 feet under my basement floor.
The sump pump has never turned on because it is 8 feet above ground. What is the source of this small drainage? Is it coming from my house (a leaking pipe)? Or is it ground water and should I be...
8 years ago 1