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Getting cement into gap under cement patio
How to push cement into gaps between cement patio and earth for a raised patio
1 year ago
New patio concrete cracks
I hired a licensed concrete contractor to place a 4 1/2" thick reinforced patio slab and a 55' long 6' high reinforced concrete masonry wall along my property line. The first indication that I hired a...
1 year ago
concrete slab
I would like to make a slab for a 16 x 48 round ultra frame pool (holds 5061 gallons of water) and a 400 galon outdoor hot tub. I will be building a deck around them to bring to the level of the house...
2 years ago
Drilling a concrete load bearing pillar?
Hi there, I live on the 4th floor of a purpose built (6 floors in total), I have a circular concrete pillar in one corner of my living room (see pic attached) and I'l like to fit a few shelves around...
3 years ago 1
Concrete foundation crack? What's the appropriate way to fix?
Hi All, We had some insulation problems around one of the baseboards downstairs. Warm air would coming in from under the baseboard along one of our exterior wall in the summer. Our townhome is on a...
3 years ago 1
Post for clothes line - Concrete
I have a 4" steel pipe (11') that I want to use as a clothesline post. The soil is well drained sandy soil with winter freezing (Ottawa), and I plan to set the post in concrete. My current plan is to...
4 years ago 1
just poured concrete but need to re-do a section. If use be mix, will there be a different color/texture?
No further details provided There could be, but not usually anything noticeably different. Texture is all dependent upon the finish you want and most normal finishes are very easy to duplicate.
4 years ago 1
Pouring concrete without sand or gravel?
Built my own home, but neglected to consider wind driven rain coming in the front/side doors. So I cannot put my wood flooring in until I keep the water out. Two storm doors are out of the question. I...
4 years ago 1
how much does it cost to create a concrete berms
No further details provided
4 years ago
How is the best way to clean oil spots that have been there a week?
I do not have a picture but the painter told me to move my car,so the crew could start paint the carport. four days later I came home early the painter was parked in my spot a n had been parking there...
4 years ago 1
Mailbox demolished still have base can I place cement right on base for post?
No further details provided Sure, as long as the post goes down into the base. Otherwise, you can drill, chisel and vacuum-out the old post to get the new post into the base...a little shaving,...
4 years ago 1
how many 94 lb bags of portland cement to a cubic yard
i am filling the walls of storm shelter and pouring a top. Will need approx 2.6 cu. yes. 5 to 7. Depending on your voids, uneven substrate/base, waste/spill-out, water, sand, gravel and top beveling...
4 years ago 1
Is this quality concrete work? Should I be concerned?
THE FACTS: I hired a licensed contractor to add a wood deck to the back of my home with steps down to our backyard grass about four feet below. I arrived home, late afternoon yesterday to find a...
5 years ago 2
On an older concrete garage floor, what load would you anticipate being able to support, PSF?
No further details provided Yeah, uh-huh. NO DICE on a PSF with no details. But, I've got an unreinforced 2-inch thick slab on dirt that's almost 100-years old, even the biggest fully-loaded SUV...
5 years ago 1
how much concrete do i need for ten foot long curb, 6
How wide is the curb? If it's standard around 30 cubic feet. I calculated that the height of the concrete would be at 10 inches. No further details provided
5 years ago 1