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interesting group
Very nice place
3 days ago
Trane XV90 bliiking 2 RED when drawing heat
TRANE XV90 system blowing cold air this morning. Diagnostics planes 2 red blinks between green blinks.
3 weeks ago
Air Exchanger in Condo with no A/C
I have a simple air exchange system that was put in by the Port of Seattle years ago as part of a free air traffic noise mitigation program. I installed a permanent electrostatic air filter and clean...
2 months ago
Hvac closet
I am drawing our smaller, (approximately 125o sq ft) simple house plans myself. Do you think 3'8"wide by 3' is big enough. I know it will be tight but very limited on room Without knowing what you...
2 months ago 1
Singer Gas Heater
I was told to change my heater because it's old and had to repair a knock when l turned it on. They repair it. l don't have a problem now but l'm able to replace it and get central air also. I had...
3 months ago
Big squirrel fan war shop fan
This motor has four wires coming out a red or yellow black and brown do I n eed to connect a capacitor it had a plug-in on the bottom are the motor fan speed I had did not have the plug-in so I cut...
3 months ago 1
??? On Tue, 9 Jun 2020 08:59:31 -0700 (PDT), posted for all of us to digest... So what do want to know?
5 months ago 1
Why does my outdoor AC unit randomly run
I've noticed my outdoor unit will turn on and run randomly, without the thermostat telling it to. It will even run if I have the heat on. I do have an separate air exchanger, could this be tied...
5 months ago
How to choose an HVAC company for an install?
We're considering replacing a furnace and a/c system. From all that I've r ead the caliber of the installation crew is of great importance. What I'm struggling with is determining how to choose a...
9 months ago
Energy Star Heater
Hi everyone! My name's Sarah and I'm new to the Home Owners Hub community! I'm looking at home space heaters and see some are Energy Star Certified. It looks like the website is down? Is an Energy...
9 months ago 1
help me fix my kenmore washer?
its a top loader. model #11020622991 was working fine when it stopped during the wash cycle. go to restart it and all i hear is a hum any help is appreciated. when i walked over to it there was a...
9 months ago 3
Ductwork: Which is better, from attic or crawlspace?
I?m installing HVAC soon to a 1924 yr old home. A very nice crawl s pace only a little portion on knees the rest you can stand or bend over. Ho me has high ceilings. The whole system was torn out of...
10 months ago 2
Seems this group died with the Stormin Mormon
I posted twice no response. Of course I do remember many of you feel you are the Rodney Dangerfield of technicians. No respect, I tell ya, no respect. Mikek Usenet died a number of years ago - it's...
10 months ago 1
What does 3H/2C heat pump when programming a thermostat.
What does 3H/2C heat pump when programming a thermostat. Mikek With out much more information is needed , but ... A SWAG* 3H third stage of heating and 2C second stage of cooling. *SWAG is a...
10 months ago 1
What inputs cause auxiliary heat instead of just heat pump
Hi all, I picked this up on another group. The guy is trying to time his home heating to correspond to the power companies times of low tier pricing. He says, "The problem I have is the heat pump not...
10 months ago 1