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Roto Flashing kits
Roti flashing kits can be found at Skylight Specialist Yaphank NY
7 months ago
Both my furnace and water heater are now direct vent. Can I remove the chimney?
Both my furnace and water heater are now direct vent. Can I remove the chimney? How hard is this to do it yourself? Is there any reason why I couldn't remove the chimney? How much might this cost?
1 year ago
Suggestions for material for a fillet between half-timbered wall & shingle roof
We have a strange little house which is basically a replica medieval building, with a timber frame, infilled with wattle and daub, and covered in lime. We need to seal between the wall of this...
4 years ago 1
oil or axle grease for turbine roof vents?
which is better for wind-driven turbine roof vents? It depends. If, the bearings are sealed or just have a paper-thin slot, then oil. If the bearings are removable and can be taken apart, then re-pack...
4 years ago 1
FR80 is on the back of my shingles. Who is the manufacturer?
No further details provided FR80 most likely has more to with the type of shingle (as in possibly Flame Retardent) or is numbered for inventory purposes. The actual manufacturing information is on the...
4 years ago 1
Starter course for architectural shingles
My home had a new roof installed in 1997. No starter course was used. My question is was this standard practice back then? No, it was not standard practice back then nor since the beginning of asphalt...
4 years ago 1
Round room only one center beam ?Plastic Looking? What is it
I am Looking at a home built late 1979 Its a Round Great Room living/kitchen combined with Sliding Patio doors all around. Center Beam is Beige (ok laugh) looks like plastic and I do not know how to...
4 years ago 1
Ridge vent with heating pipes in attic?
My roofer is recommending a ridge vent with my roof replacement next week. However, I have heating, hot and cold water pipes running the length of my attic to a bathroom (former screened porch) at the...
5 years ago 2
there are alot tree limbs on the roof do they need to be cut down or are they ok
over my moms room there are a lot of branches laying on the roof from a big tree that's in the front yard I want to cut them down thinking that they are unsafe already a big branch or limb fell on the...
5 years ago 1
how much uch should it cost to replace a one and a half car garage roof milwaukee wis
I have a small garage - one and a half cars - that needs replacement in Milwaukee Wsconsin. Also a flashing that has rusted and needs sealing on front of house. Can you please give me your opinion on...
5 years ago 1
What height of ladder do I need for cleaning my gutters
I live in a traditional 3 bedroom semi. 7 to 10-feet higher/longer than the height of the gutter or other leaning/landing point. This additional height/length is needed for the ladder's bottom being...
5 years ago 1
Is it ok when the alluminum fascia is taller than the roof line and fascia board behind it?
I assume not since the first row shingles flip up slightly causing water to pool up at the edge instead of falling into the gutter. I ask because I'm not a pro but the "pros" I paid to install my roof...
5 years ago 1
Options for removing rafter ties in breezeway
I have a small Cape Cod with a 6 ft wide (from house to garage) x 14 ft long breezeway connecting the house to the garage. The breezeway roof has its one gable end attached to the side of the house...
5 years ago 1
I am buying new home. Who is responsible to remove tree branches hanging over the roof the buider/vendor or me?
Tree branches hanging over the roof of the new building. Builder/vendor told me that it is not his responsibility to remove the tree branches (some of them are even half dead). He said that it has to...
5 years ago 1
Where can I find a gutter kit for a shed?
A few years ago I saw a kit on a big box stores website that included narrow plastic/pvc/vinyl gutters and 2 downspouts. Now that I need it I cant find anything like this in stores or on the internet....
5 years ago 1