how much uch should it cost to replace a one and a half car garage roof milwaukee wis

I have a small garage - one and a half cars - that needs replacement in Milwaukee Wsconsin.
Also a flashing that has rusted and needs sealing on front of house. Can you please give me your opinion on cost of
this job.
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It depends on what has to come off, what life expectancy you're after and therefore what material you want. - - It could be just $1,000 for a single layer to be covered by a new layer. - If you already have 2 or 3 roofs, they have to come off and then rotted roof decking or some rafters may need to be're looking at maybe $3,000. - Maybe you have the above, but also want a 50+ year roof that is or looks like tile, slate or wood're looking at maybe $5,000. - Get a few bids and references that you actually go see and talk to for the real best value. Company's signs that you regularly see in people's yards are good companies to start with.
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