there are alot tree limbs on the roof do they need to be cut down or are they ok

over my moms room there are a lot of branches laying on the roof from a big tree that's in the front yard I want to cut them down thinking that they are unsafe already a big branch or limb fell on the house from one of the trees being rotted and I don't want it to reoccur its my girl friend's house and if we going to own it I don't want a hazard just cause my mom want to see leaves first thing in the morning but I don't want to cut it if there is no way it will mess up the roofing shingles or any other defaults with the roof. im thinking 2 to 3 feet away is safe enough other then the rotted branches
what do you think
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bubba jon jon
Trees die, take the whole thing out. Yes, trimming the branches off and away 3-feet or really as MUCH MORE as you can will avoid annoyance damage. But, trees die and branches rotting off is the first sign that this tree is dying and should be removed entirely, before the whole thing falls through the entire house...I've seen it VERY MANY times and the recovery is a nightmare. - There shouldn't be any trees (their canopies) within 25-feet of a house AS A MINIMUM. Preferably, there shouldn't be a tree any closer than its fully mature height, so nothing can hit the house. The tree always wins the fight with the house. And, you may not be able to get insurance with that tree there...they've paid very many home hospital bills from bullying tree damage.
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