Suggestions for material for a fillet between half-timbered wall & shingle roof

We have a strange little house which is basically a replica medieval building, with a timber frame, infilled with wattle and daub, and covered in lime. We need to seal between the wall of this original house and a newer extension, roofed with wooden shingles. Anybody got any idea of what material we should use? Lead seems over the top, lime seems a bit lacking...
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A picture, measurement or dimension might be helpful. But, I assume it's a few inch or slightly more tall difference we're talking about. Personally, I'd go for flashing under a continuation of the lime stucco, to keep the break in the roof most obvious. Others I've seen, put roofing shingle bits over the flashing in the area, since it usually lasts longer and can just be renewed whenever the rest of the roof(s) are replaced.
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