Battens for vertical tiled siding?

Hi all
I'm building a wood frame workshop and looking for some advice on sidings.
The workshop is single story with studs at 16 inch centres and sheathed with 7/16 inch OSB.
My intention is to add house wrap, then a siding of "artificial slate" tiles.
Here in the UK, we rarely use timber frame construction, so it's hard to find information on best practices.
It seems like in the US, you nail shakes/shingles directly to the sheathing. Here in the UK, for roof construction, we typically use no sheathing and nail battens to the rafters then nail roof tiles to the battens, the same construction seems to be used for vertically hung tiles.
So basically I am asking, can I mail my tiles direct to the 7/16 inch sheathing, or do I need to batten first. This is for wall sidings, not the roof.
The tiles are 18x24 inches, weigh about 5 1/2 lb and have two nail holes.
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