Options for removing rafter ties in breezeway

I have a small Cape Cod with a 6 ft wide (from house to garage) x 14 ft long breezeway connecting the house to the garage. The breezeway roof has its one gable end attached to the side of the house (between the first and second floors) and the other disapearing into the slope of the garage roof. It is about 12 ft long but half of that is sitting on the slope of the garage roof. My question is since there is strong connection on each end of the breezeway roof and such short wall at the ends (6 ft) can I remove the rafter ties to create a cathedral ceiling?
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No, you absolutely shouldn't remove the rafter ties. They not only keep the roof from flattening out, but also therefore don't let the rafters push the walls out. Do the Cathedral ceiling, but keep the rafter ties. FYI, most Cathedral's have exposed structural elements.
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