Is it ok when the alluminum fascia is taller than the roof line and fascia board behind it?

I assume not since the first row shingles flip up slightly causing water to pool up at the edge instead of falling into the gutter. I ask because I'm not a pro but the "pros" I paid to install my roof say it's ok. Also, now that I've been looking around trying to get informed, I realized they also didn't install a drip edge. Instead the bent the alluminum fascia at the top -- away from the roof. I guess it's ok to help keep the shingles up but is that acceptable? Thanks
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No. The only bump should be extremely slight and only from the very thin drip edge, which is to drip RARE stray water away from the fascia and building side. You could be experiencing Surface Tension where water's constantly running down the side of the building (since we don't know what else they did wrong) and could eventually find its way in behind doors, windows and siding. - Roofing, like any other trade, is a trial and error exacted science. Things are done a certain and specific way for a reason. You may have no other choice than to call out the Building Inspector and have them force the roofer to do it right. - If the roofer has to learn through you, then great, hopefully he becomes a real roofer that can be trusted to back his Roofing Manufacturer Approved work and therefore his own and their Warranty. Of which, you don't have currently...just so you know.
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