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best locking floor systems for new mexico
looking at installing a floating bamboo floor in New Mexico, any issues?
4 years ago
can you wax laminate flooring
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5 years ago
wood laminate flooring wet and warped do I need to pull up floor?
It's true that if the laminate is warped, it has to be replaced since the damage is permanent. Also, you may not be able to find exact match for the planks anyway, especially if it was installedyyears...
5 years ago 2
How can I waterproof laminate flooring?
My landlord just installed Shaw laminate flooring in my apartment and the puppy got it wet and it is starting to bubble up and de-laminate. Yes, some people do live in apartments. Armstrong says to...
5 years ago
How can I find out the names o factories in China that made the toxic laminate?
5 years ago
I am installing laminate floors starting in family room and up a long hall on em
The house has the family room and a long hall. On each side running vertically to a living room the same size. I started laying the tongue and grove plank laminate flooring in the back (family room)...
6 years ago
dream home - St James Laminate FLoor
Hello Guys I am on the fence on whether to decide to purchase this laminate floor A very simple question that I wanted to ask is if this laminate floor is from China or from somewhere else. Any...
6 years ago
How do you dry laminate floor in flooded basement
I hate to say this but the floor is likely ruined, you'll have to remove all damaged planks (or simply all if you cannot safely say which are still intact), remove all underlayment, and water barrier,...
7 years ago 4
Are Companies copying Pergo?
Retailers label their products differently than their competitors. How can I be sure I'm getting Pergo product?
7 years ago
Are the finishes the same in the American Cottage line and the Prestige line?
I'm trying to decide if I should by Lowe's American Cottage line or Home Depot's Prestige. Should I pay the extra money for Lowe's American Cottage because I can't tell online if the finishes are...
7 years ago
cleaning streaks fromlaminated flooring
The person who washed the laminate flooring did not vacuum the floor and tried to wash it up,, The floor is streaked and I an unable to remove the streaks
7 years ago
I need to cut laminate flooring away from walls what kind of tool will work?
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8 years ago
pergo xp verses Armstrong laminate
Want to put laminate in kitchen,living room and down hallway. It's a continuous floor. Opted for laminate over hard wood because of large active dogs. My researched proved the pergo xp with stood all...
8 years ago 4
Which is proven better, laminate flooring with attached pad, or separate pad?
LAMINATE FLOORING WITH ATTACHED PAD OR WITHOUT PAD: I plan to have Laminate Floors installed in my house. Which is proven better and quieter? Which is proven to stay in place longer? Some laminate...
8 years ago 6
Where to get zebra print linoleum flooring
I am looking for LARGE zebra pring linoleum flooring for a business. I would really like to know where to buy some. What I am really going for is a floor that looks like the floor on the cooking show...
8 years ago