wood laminate flooring wet and warped do I need to pull up floor?

It's true that if the laminate is warped, it has to be replaced since the damage is permanent. Also, you may not be able to find exact match for the planks anyway, especially if it was installedyyears ago. So you will end up redoing the entire kitchen floor just to make it look nice. You will also most likely need new underlayment to replace the wet one. Alternatively, you may be able to remove the planks and let the underlayment dry on its own. If you can live without a floor in the kitchen. But, all that said, $5k sounds way overpriced. Laminate is not a very expensive floor option, and underlayment is rather cheap. Can definitely be installed by the homeowner themselves. I don't know the size of your kitchen, but there is likely only $500 worth of material in there. Maybe get another quote or do it yourself? Would need toccall your insurance company if doing yourself. Good luck!
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I had a small flood in my kitchen that left me with warped flooring. Had fans and dehumidifier for 3 days. Had restoration company put them in but wants to go after my insurance for $5,000 just to replace small section of floor. I had them pick everything up and cancell all work. He states that there would still be water under my floor if I didn't pull it up. Is that true
All and any suggestions would be helpful
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I know I will have to replace my floor. At the moment funds are low, I thought bring in fans would dry everything but He's telling me it's still wet under the boards and I scared of any mold growth
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