How do you dry laminate floor in flooded basement

I hate to say this but the floor is likely ruined, you'll have to remove all damaged planks (or simply all if you cannot safely say which are still intact), remove all underlayment, and water barrier, give the floor a day or two to dry (use those fans) and re-lay everything. I have had laminate floor flooded before and the planks never returned to their original shape. The water makes the fibers inside the pressed plank expand and they will never return to the original position without the help of an industrial size press, which is of course not happening if they simply dry out on their own.
You can also let it dry on its own and then see if you can live with the resulting amount of floor buckling. If the flood was not too extensive, perhaps you can live with an imperfect floor. One thing is for sure - it will never look perfect again. I would just re-lay everything. Laminate planks are not prohibitively expensive, and laying them is not a very difficult task even if you do it for the first time. Everything is explained right on the back of every package with floor planks and you only need about $50 worth of specialized tools. Every hardware store of significant size carries all the parts and tools that you need and can help you calculate the amounts you need to purchase.
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The washing machine overflowed and flooded the basement that has laminated floor on concrete slab. Can it be saved from drying it out using fans and turning up the heat?
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