pergo xp verses Armstrong laminate

Want to put laminate in kitchen,living room and down hallway. It's a continuous floor. Opted for laminate over hard wood because of large active dogs. My researched proved the pergo xp with stood all surface abuse I put to it. Could not get a Armstrong/Bruce sample to do the same. Any input please.
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I think you are making the right choice! As an owner of two active dogs myself I understand your concerns.
I had laid Armstrong in the exact configuration you describe - LR, kitchen, hallway and I have had Pergo (cannot recall the exact type) in another house I lived in before. Both are very good and reputable brands - cannot go wrong with either. The concern about possibility of the dogs damaging the floor was front and center both times and worked out great regardless of the manufacturer.
From the practical standpoint: if my dogs could type :) I think they would have added that laminate floor is perhaps a little bit too slippery for their liking. Be sure to put some rugs with anti-slippery backing where it makes sense decor-wise. But definitely in front of the stairs and, preferably, wherever an often used path changes direction.  A dog charging full speed is <strong>not</strong> going to be able to turn on a laminate, and jumping from stairs, as they often did when they were younger, and landing on laminate surface will most likely lead to injuries if not for a strategically placed anti-slippery rug.
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Thank you, home Owner. Your response is reassuring. Got a good laugh to your charging dog warning and take it seriously. E
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