Using Pergo Hard Surface Reducer in Doorway

When I install my Laminate Floor, I'll be using Pergo Hard Surface Reducer in the doorway. I will be laying the laminate on one side of the doorway, and on the other side of the doorway is a laundry room which will have most likely a sheet vinyl flooring installed, but at the moment, it's just the same concrete floor that's under the laminate. My question is about where the hard surface reducer should lie within the door opening. Should I plan the laminate termination and Hard Surface Reducer Strip location so that it sits far enough into the opening of the door so that sharp edge of the strip is flush with the edge of the door jamb where the other room starts, which will allow the closed door to cover most of the strip? The strip is 2-1/4" thick and the door slab roughly 1-1/2", so it won't cover all of it. Doing this would probably allow the thickest piece of laminate (which would just make the minimum width that is normally suggested) material to be slid under the jambs and lock into the main laminate field. I'll also have to trim my door jamb so that it will be suitable for the thickness of the laminate and underlayment to slide under, which is normal, but that will be a bit high for the sheet vinyl. Will the Hard Surface Reducer and the casings I'll install around the door later then sufficiently cover that higher gap, or is there another way it should be done? My door swings into the laundry room. I'll probably have to trim the door bottom a bit to clear the hard surface reducer, and I suppose maybe the door stop so that the hard surface reducer sits under the stop, unless there is a better way to fit that strip in and look good. I think this is the last thing that I have to figure out before I lay the floor. You guys have been great on helping me with another question before on working though doorways. Thanks for all of your help.
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