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want to remove chimney, need to vent steam boiler
I'm trying to figure out who to call about venting a steam boiler, I talked to my masonry guy, but he does not have a clue, do we talk to the HVAC guy about that? since I want to remove the chimney...
10 months ago
Bedroom has a slight rotten egg smell
I live on the third floor of an apartment building, for the past few weeks I've noticed a slight rotten egg smell in my bedroom. It's not overpowering but enough for me to notice that it's pretty...
1 year ago
New range/oven installation - old, big gas pressure regulator sticking out of floor - unnecessary, redundant?
House built late 80's, old pressure regulator (redundant?) from original range/oven sticks out so I can't put new range/oven flush to wall. Since new range/oven has its own pressure regulator, can I...
3 years ago 1
How close to buried gas lines can I build a fire pit
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4 years ago
Default Why is my standing pilot gas valve wet?
While relighting my boiler's pilot I noticed the pilot gas valve is dripping some type of fluid onto the floor under the valve. I upgraded my 1964 natural gas hot water boiler to a standing pilot gas...
4 years ago 1
how to re open a gas meter after the gas co. shut it down and ordered repairs.
I called gas company because of a smell of gas inside the house. The tech shut down the meter and ordered to find and repair leaks. I have done that but now the gas company is not responsible for...
4 years ago
How many therms (natural gas) do you use per day (per month)?
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5 years ago
WHEN I TURNED THE GAS BACK ON AT THE METER, I SPENT AN HOUR PLUS TRYING TO LIGHT 2 PILOT LIGHTS' so i broke open the line on my side but there was no gas. there is gas at the inlet to the meter' the...
5 years ago