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My RCD trips when I switch on my 240v cement mixer. The same mixer works fine when plugged into a socket in my neighbours house. My RCD does not trip with anything else. What could be the...
2 days ago
Wonky chandelier arms
Came home yesterday to gong the electrician had fitted my 3 New light fittings ... everyone of them bent in some way He said he tried to straighten them but was worried he’d they would break I know...
1 month ago
Generator load balancing/measurmwnt
Hi! I've seen many guys ask this question on many different forms. The Actual answer they ask never seems to be answered. All of the responses rabbit-hole off in many directions. THIS IS THE SCENARIO:...
2 months ago
economy 7 heater
We have lived in our flat for 10 years which has economy 7 storage heaters and a hot water heater which all charge overnight. At the moment the off peak times are midnight to 7am. In November, we had...
2 years ago
Battery pack ES5000 not charging after 1yr but holding charge
I bought a Motomaster car battery pack es5000 2 yrs ago. After 1yr the charge light does not light up when I plug it in for charging and it doesn't charge as the charge in the pack remains the same. I...
3 years ago
Baseboard heaters
I am looking into installing 5 1000 watt baseboard heaters on the second floor of my house. Would it be ok to run one feed to a junction box in the attic from a double pole 30 amp breaker and feed...
4 years ago 1
How to replace wall switch to garbage disposal also connected to dishwasher.
I've already replaced the switch. There are 3 black wires & a ground coming out of the box in the wall. I have it wired but the disposal doesn't turn on when switched. The dishwasher runs. If I switch...
4 years ago
can i use a slow blow ceramic fuse in microwave
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4 years ago
a previous owner cut the hot busbars in the breaker box would like to buy replac
would like to buy replacements for the hot busbars in my square D breaker box been looking online cant fine new or used would anyone know where to purchase them ?
5 years ago
How do you flip the diode in the push button
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5 years ago
siemens s2a meter, no display
We have a siemens s2a electric meter and it has just powered off. no display or flashing led. Power is still connected and working. Is there a way of repairing or resetting the meter
5 years ago
What does the number on a pole transformer mean? 25 or 50? It is outside my 3rd floor bedroom window
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5 years ago
What happens to equipment if one 120 volt leg of a two leg 240 volt service is lost?
We have 240 volt service to our Church with two 120 volt leads/legs and a neutral lead. A transformer on the pole failed during a lightning storm dropping one 120 volt lead. Electronic equipment in...
5 years ago 1
all the outlets on my slide out on my travel trailer went out, GFI's are working
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5 years ago
Where to put my connection box for my illuminated mirror?
Hello -I have an IP44 illuminated mirror to put on the wall. It has a flex coming out of the back. Trouble is, the cable for the lighting circuit sticks straight out of a freshly plastered brick wall,...
5 years ago