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Circuit breaker
I am switching my light switch in my kitchen when I turn off the breaker all the power goes off expect for one light that is still on. I tried turning off the other breakers but this particular light...
2 weeks ago
Ungrounded outlets
Many of the electrical outlets in my house are not grounded and are wired to old 2-condutor cable. Is it worth the effort and expense to rewire them with 3 wire grounded cable? Is it even possible...
1 month ago
Missing 120 volt leg
Missing one 120 volt leg of 240 volt system due to wire disconnect at transformer due to wind storm. Problem is now fixed by power company. But something is driving me crazy. Why, when the one 120...
2 months ago
My RCD trips when I switch on my 240v cement mixer. The same mixer works fine when plugged into a socket in my neighbours house. My RCD does not trip with anything else. What could be the...
2 months ago
Wonky chandelier arms
Came home yesterday to gong the electrician had fitted my 3 New light fittings ... everyone of them bent in some way He said he tried to straighten them but was worried he’d they would break I know...
3 months ago
Generator load balancing/measurmwnt
Hi! I've seen many guys ask this question on many different forms. The Actual answer they ask never seems to be answered. All of the responses rabbit-hole off in many directions. THIS IS THE SCENARIO:...
5 months ago
economy 7 heater
We have lived in our flat for 10 years which has economy 7 storage heaters and a hot water heater which all charge overnight. At the moment the off peak times are midnight to 7am. In November, we had...
3 years ago
Battery pack ES5000 not charging after 1yr but holding charge
I bought a Motomaster car battery pack es5000 2 yrs ago. After 1yr the charge light does not light up when I plug it in for charging and it doesn't charge as the charge in the pack remains the same. I...
3 years ago
Baseboard heaters
I am looking into installing 5 1000 watt baseboard heaters on the second floor of my house. Would it be ok to run one feed to a junction box in the attic from a double pole 30 amp breaker and feed...
4 years ago 1
How to replace wall switch to garbage disposal also connected to dishwasher.
I've already replaced the switch. There are 3 black wires & a ground coming out of the box in the wall. I have it wired but the disposal doesn't turn on when switched. The dishwasher runs. If I switch...
4 years ago
can i use a slow blow ceramic fuse in microwave
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5 years ago
a previous owner cut the hot busbars in the breaker box would like to buy replac
would like to buy replacements for the hot busbars in my square D breaker box been looking online cant fine new or used would anyone know where to purchase them ?
5 years ago
How do you flip the diode in the push button
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5 years ago
siemens s2a meter, no display
We have a siemens s2a electric meter and it has just powered off. no display or flashing led. Power is still connected and working. Is there a way of repairing or resetting the meter
5 years ago
What does the number on a pole transformer mean? 25 or 50? It is outside my 3rd floor bedroom window
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5 years ago