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200 Amp main breaker for Crouse Hinds service panel
I need to replace the main circuit breaker on my Crouse Hinds JA220CS service panel. I have attached photos of the original Crouse Hinds in my panel and a Siemans replacement that I think will work....
3 months ago
Neutral Wire
Hi Everyone, I am putting a 100 AMP sub panel for the house, and I am running 3AWG cable from the main panel 100 AMP breaker to the sub panel. The question I have is about the neutral wire. It is too...
9 months ago
Electric oscillating fan slow to start, changes speed
I have experienced this problem with 2 fans of different brand. I have a fan in my bedroom that is run at night for cooling while sleeping. The first fan I had ran fine, then eventually I began to...
11 months ago
House Voltage Drop
I just bought my house and noticed that when I use the microwave the voltage drops from 121V to 112V and the lights slightly dim/flicker. I noticed the voltage drop only effects outlets in the kitchen...
1 year ago
Voltage drop when using Microwave
I just bought my house and I noticed that when I use the microwave in the lights in the kitchen flickered. I took voltage readings at some of the outlets in the kitchen and found that the voltage...
1 year ago
Wiring a 220 Volt Wire to a Old Type Fuse Box
I am installing a new electric hot water heater in a house that was built in 1936. It has a conventional fuse panel, NOT a circuit breaker. I have run a 10 gauge wire directly from the new hot water...
1 year ago
What kind of outlet is this?
This is our only outdoor outlet! I want to plug lights in but this is the only think we have. Can I buy a converter for it? [IMG] This is a 6-15P socket. It's rated for 250V, so be careful about what...
1 year ago 1
Power in shed keeps going out
My sheds power is some how connected to my garage outlet and almost constantly goes out during storms and when you try to reset the gfci in the garage it clicks back to off immediately I'm divorced...
2 years ago
Low voltage lighting
Okay so last year I wired twelve 1.2watt hardscape lights on a 60watt 12v transformer. The run is approximately 100 feet total. All summer everything worked great. This year I added seven 2.8watt...
2 years ago
I recently bought a 18,000btu mini split unit. Compressor load is 12.3A, minimum ampacity is 18A and max fuse is 25A. My plan was to use the existing dedicated circuit that powers the electric...
2 years ago
New sockets
Hello, I want to add more sockets in a bedroom, and notice on the existing socket there are two sets of cabling going into it, would it be possible to add a twin socket to each end of the cables...
2 years ago
Where to earth Type 90 Anglepoise Lamp
I hope you can help, I am rewiring my type 90 anglepoise lamp, using a new plastic lamp holder, new switch and new 3 cord flex. The issue I am having is that I am unsure where to attach the earth...
3 years ago 1
other ways to run electric over concrete with out busting it up
i want an electric or solar sliding gate but in order to get electric there i have to bust up concrete or find another way to do it. i dont have the money to rent or pay for it to be done nor do i...
3 years ago 1
Turning stove on high resets breaker -- but it goes out again randomly. Why?
Our house (built 1913, but my guess is rewired in 1950s) has the usual 110-220 service. Seemingly randomly, the even-numbered 110V circuits go dark (i.e,, those connected to one or the two hot bus...
4 years ago
When did 12/2 Romex change to yellow
No further details provided
5 years ago