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What kind of outlet is this?
This is our only outdoor outlet! I want to plug lights in but this is the only think we have. Can I buy a converter for it? [IMG] This is a 6-15P socket. It's rated for 250V, so be careful about what...
1 year ago 1
I recently bought a 18,000btu mini split unit. Compressor load is 12.3A, minimum ampacity is 18A and max fuse is 25A. My plan was to use the existing dedicated circuit that powers the electric...
2 years ago
Where to earth Type 90 Anglepoise Lamp
I hope you can help, I am rewiring my type 90 anglepoise lamp, using a new plastic lamp holder, new switch and new 3 cord flex. The issue I am having is that I am unsure where to attach the earth...
3 years ago 1
Voltage drop when using Microwave
I just bought my house and I noticed that when I use the microwave in the lights in the kitchen flickered. I took voltage readings at some of the outlets in the kitchen and found that the voltage...
1 year ago