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door bell keeps ringing
I had a light doorbell. The button broke but still worked. I replaced with a new lighted button. Door bell continues to ring once wires attached and button does not light. I returned to store...
1 year ago
three Romex sets in ceiling box
I have single light switch, three romex in ceiling box, TWO LED panel lights are running out of ceiling box. I want to add TWO more LED drop in panels. I need to know HOW to add these. Breaker Box...
1 year ago
3way switch on old house
one box has 3 wires other box has 2 wires. i made a mistake on earlier post. Found hot wire on the 2 wire box- does that go to common screw? the other box has 2 wires with power and one not-i figure...
1 year ago
Old House Wiring
Old house wiring -3 way switch not working. One box has 4 wires that are hot all the time & the other box has 2 wires with one hot wire sometimes. Please Tell me how to wire the boxes!
1 year ago
240v Transformer/Converter
I need to run a unit at 12v DC. So I need to step down from 240v AC to an AC voltage which I can then convert to DC and run the unit drawing 80W at 12v DC. It is for external use so IP rating should...
2 years ago
bringing expensive light fixtures to asia which uses 220V
hello everyobe. I purchased this expensive chandelier with the thought of installing it on our ancestral home in East Asia. But I realized they are using 220V over there. If i used 220 bulbs on it,...
2 years ago
Hall & Landing Lighting
Hi, can we please ask for help with changing existing 1 switch hall and 2 switch landing. We have uploaded an attachment for our new MK landing with two switches as shown and have a new hall switch...
3 years ago 14
Smart light switch issues
I have 3 switches. 1 controls flood lights, 1 controls uplights & other one controls chandelier. I recently bought 3 smart switches so that I can put them on timers all of them work fine except for...
3 years ago 1
Light switch sparked
I made the mistake of working on a light switch live, a hot wire touched the switch for the fan and sparked and now half the room has no power, it did not blow a breaker. What needs fixed? Presuming...
3 years ago 1
Cannot change spotlight blub
Hi guys. Haveing trouble with changing a spotlight blub. Had these spotlights installed around 6years ago in my bedroom and have never had to change a blub untill now. Have tried twisting, pulling and...
4 years ago
motion light goes off and on all night plus comes on in day time and stays on
No further details provided
4 years ago
Changing location of flood light, wires are short, what to do?
changing location of flood light, two wires come into box, both are short for new location do I add two extension boxes or just one?
4 years ago
outdoor lighting - what is the difference between a dust to dawn and motion sensor fixture
No further details provided One comes on at dusk (not dust), stays on all night and then and goes off at dawn. The other only turns on when it senses movement when it's dark out.
4 years ago 1
Do Slider Dimmers "Weaken" over time?
I have 6 x 65 W recessed Halo ceiling lighting fixtures on a 3 way circuit including one slider dimmer switch. It's probably 10-15 years old. The dimmer part seems to work OK vis-a-vis dimming, but...
4 years ago
Why did all my backyard lights stop working?
I have 3 fixtures in my backyard, all on the same switch. 2 are motion detectors, and 1 is not. All 3 lights quit working tonight, but when I flip the switch I can hear a click in the motion...
4 years ago 1