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Smoke Detector Beeps Twice A Day
My smoke detectors are going off almost on schedule daily. 1 beep around 2pm and 3 beeps a little after 10pm. It's the same amount of beeps and same time daily. PLEASE! HELP! I haven't run into your...
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Changing Pyronix PIR sensors
Hi, I'm changing some Pyronix PIR sensors for exactly the same model but pet friendly. These are wired to the main control panel. I should be able to wire these up nice and easily as it will be...
3 years ago
what is the trick to put back the alarm on the ceiling. You have to kinda twist and turn. this on is being stubborn
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5 years ago
I have 4 line powered smoke detecters with battery bachup. They are about 2 years old. Some time during the day one will beep once, than the
I have 4 line powered smoke detectors with battery backup. They are about 2 years old. Some time during the day one will beep once, then next day a different one will beep once.a different one will...
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A friend's smoke alarm was blinking yellow in the middle of the night. Know why?
A friend woke up last night to see her smoke alarm blinking yellow and it never has before. No chirping noise to indicate battery was low. This morning it is not blinking yellow anymore. Scared her...
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Should I be worried about charcoal briquette smoke-like smell coming from the ne
A month ago, the neighbors put their just-used charcoal grill in the garage, which led to some carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to go off (~35 ppm) in a couple apartments/homes (including mine)....
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why do my smoke alarms chirp when i turn the basement lights on
No further details provided Most likely is, that they're wired to the switch either entirely or by a shared neutral or possibly even a ground wire. This means they aren't working at all nor properly,...
6 years ago 1
my unused magnum alert 2000 randomly chirps
This sounds like a low battery alarm (not sure how wedging the keys might have silenced it though) - the 12V sealed lead-acid battery is just about old enough now to start failing. When the backup...
7 years ago 2
what are the red and green lights on a smoke detector
No further details provided Red is for when the alarm is actively sounding and detecting smoke and/or extremely high temperatures, it should not be lit otherwise. - Green is for everything's working...
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